Problems with horse behaviour can
be distressing, or even dangerous!
And yet knowing exactly how to train your horse creates obedience, submission,
respect and love!

The key is simply learning to communicate
with your horse in his own language. The moment you understand his world,
there is a transformation.

And you can learn these methods NOW in the comfort of your own home!

Read below how others have benefited from this special training - you are not alone!


  • Within only a few days from now you can teach your horse to trust and respect you!

  • You can effectively train your horse to stop barging, pushing, rearing, bucking, napping, biting, kicking.

  • You can train your horse or pony to become easy to catch in the field.

  • You will become your horse's Alpha head of herd, he will follow you around like a puppy dog!

  • There is absolutely no need for your horse to be above you in the pecking order.

  • You can teach your horse exercises which will make him more supple, healthier and prolong his life!

  • Best of all, you CAN have that amazing relationship that only exists between human and horse! It really is true - there is no closer relationship on earth!

But you first need to know exactly how to treat your horse. You need to know how you can step into the world of 'horse' and understand how he thinks!

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Some recommendations and wonderful stories!

Hello Hazel,

Thanks for all your replies by email. My driving pony just would not drive! Despite trying everything and losing our will to live, he just would not take to driving at all.

Did the training work as your ecourse said. First it was great to do 'something' else with Dandy rather than trying to get him to drive.

It was fun, we started to really enjoy our days with him and looked forward to the 'games'.

Eventually he just took to it. I think part of the problem was our own determination to get him to do what we wanted and then the total despair.

Once that was gone and the relationship changed it became a doddle. Amazing!

Thanks again and all the very best to you,

Ian Scott, UK


Congrats on the course. I did not have so many problems as the people writing here but was intriqued to see what sort of training, other than the normal traditional training I could do. And yet it has made such a difference to me and my horse.

My daughter is also doing the same work now with her headstrong pony! And really enjoying it.

Well done, a real eye-opener to how to train a horse (and pony)!

Greta Donaldson. U.S.A.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wow what a difference this ecourse has made to me, my children, my horses and ponies. I never ever thought that we could be this close.

We really had problems, especially with one of the ponies. I was at the end of my patience, especially as the pony nearly put my daughter in hospital!

So very glad I found this site, bought the ecourse and did the exercises. It gave me so much more confidence to handle and train, and the difference it has made.....

I can't thank you enough Hazel, particularly all your emails and support. Now we have happy horses, happy ponies and happy riders.

My recommendation would be for everyone to get this course whether or not you have a problem because it so opened my eyes to how to handle horses and ponies.

Lily Turner - England.

I have bought the course thank you, it is very good!

H. Pomeroy. U.K.

You can't imagine how much your help has meant to me, I thank my lucky stars for having come across your website when I did. I was despairing of ever getting connected to my mare and now I don't have to worry anymore. Monique Labossiere, Ramsayville, Ontaria, Canada


Since reading your books my relationship with my horse 'Johnny' has improved ten fold - not only has it given me the confidence to deal with my horse in the manner he deserves, it has made my relationship with him just amazing! Vikki Hodge Swindon UK

Wow, I have a whole new relationship with my horse, one built on trust from both of us - K. Brown formerly of UK now of Minnesota

So I started following the course and doing the exercises with my horses - and it really works! - I am so happy now! - Joyce Debono, Malta

I tried the exercises - stunning, exciting, amazing. And thanks for all your emails - I feel I now have a friend in the UK! S. Kelly, Ontario, Canada

The knowledge you bring with your course and books has certainly added to our own knowledge and put some new twists on our own experiences - Joseph and Barbara Kostelnik - Cinnicinnati, Ohio

For more recommendations and pictures of their horses scroll down the page

You will get all the PERSONAL GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT you need to create an amazing relationship with your horse or pony.

And you can do this in the privacy of your own home or stable yard!

No more expensive travelling for miles around the countryside, having time off work, wasting hours on the road, now you can learn these amazing techniques at home!
(See recommendations below for amazing experiences through learning 'How to Talk Horse!)

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The ecourse is also interactive so you will be able to click on the links within and have access to various sites and useful resources on the internet.

From Hazel Reed, BHSAI, NHS Level 1

What if you could gain your horse's full trust and respect? What if you could train him to follow you around, for him to see you as his 'Alpha' head of herd? What if you could teach him to be caught in the field without any problems? To lead quietly and gently?

By learning his language, by being able to 'Talk Horse!' - the relationship between you, your horse or pony, will powerfully transform!

You do not have to be an expert to learn the 'herd language'. Nor do you need to spend years with horses to become a 'horse whisperer' - it is not about time, it is about caring for horses and wanting to genuinely understand their world.

You can develop a relationship with your horse or pony that will appear as 'magic' to those not in the know! Once you know the secrets of how to learn your horse's language, you can gain your horse's full confidence, work through his stresses and fears, so that he trusts you and obeys you implicitly

Communication with your Horse! Learn to train your horse through his own languageMy Credentials

Hi, I'm Hazel Reed, an Assistant Instructor for the British Horse Society. I write the text-books for the British Horse Society Stage Exams helping thousands of students gain their qualifications as BHS instructors.

I have lived and breathed horses and ponies since the age of 9 - almost half a century (but I don't feel that old!) My instructors have included some of the most prominent international riders in every discipline including 'horse whisperers' and teachers of natural horse methods of training.

With over forty years experience of horses and ponies, from birthing, bringing on foals, rearing them, training them, and many times practically living with them, I have learnt about their way of life, their instincts, their herd mentality.

Now you can have direct access to all my years of experience with horses and ponies plus all the instruction I have received over the years.

I now coach and instruct others in the techniques of learning the language of horses, and in training their own horses and ponies.


  • You can take advantage of these techniques and start to train your horse in the privacy of your own familiar stable yard.

You can learn the language of horses now, even if you have not spent years with horses. It is only those who 'think they know it all' that cannot learn. All you need is to care about your horse and be willing to practise the techniques.

  • Let me teach you how to develop a complete understanding of your horse's world, and how to train your horse to be obedient, trusting, respectful and a joy to handle.

Having lived with horses and ponies all my life, having brought up foals and trained young horses, having competed in jumping and dressage, I was very sceptical of these new-fangled 'horse whispering' ideas. Then a few years ago I bought 'one of those horses' a 16' 2" Danish Warmblood that no one seemed to be able to train. I took him to a premier training establishment to train him.

After six months he was still unmanageable. He would rear and buck all through a schooling session, he even dragged the top trainer, a six foot guy, across a sand school whilst being lunged. It took two men holding onto his bridle to get him in the ménage before anyone could get on him.

Eventually the owner of the training yard suggested I had the horse shot! A drastic measure - she is a top class trainer and even she had given up on him.

I took a good long hard look at my horse. He did not bite or kick, he was not vicious, I just felt that for humans he had 'NO RESPECT'. He had been left in a field for five years in Denmark before I bought him and I guess he had never been handled. Traditional training was not going to work - if I was to save my horse, it was going to take something beyond my experience and the experience of those around me.

For the next three years I learnt all about horse psychology, horse mentality, horse language. My horse and I travelled all around the country attending courses, being trained and coached by several natural horse specialists. I spent thousands of pounds on our education, but it was worth every penny!

  • You can get first hand knowledge of all this training so that you can teach your horse or pony, or Learn How to Talk Horse!even other people's horses.

After that time the relationship between myself and my horse was totally, totally different. He would follow me around the stable yard without a lead rope, quietly and gently. He amazed everyone as he was so completely submissive. I even rode him in a headcollar and leadrope. Yes, without a bridle, at walk, trot and canter!

What had changed? I had. Even after so many years with horses I still needed to step into his universe to really understand him and to train him to look on me with trust and respect.

This was an outstanding example, yet that horse taught me so much. Most horses and ponies are able to be trained, out of the goodness of their hearts, yet with every horse and pony the relationship that can be created is incredible.

  • You can discover all the secrets of your horse's world, you can create an amazing relationship beyond imagining just by learning to 'Talk Horse!'

All images copyright©2006/2017 Nova Publications

Some of the amazing recommendations

Thanks a million for helping me with my horse with your amazing course. As soon as I downloaded it, I read it and started to try it.

The bonding is just awesome.

My husband and children got me an 8 year old Andalusian gelding for my birthday 4 months ago. Some time ago my Andalusian Hidalgo got to be the boss in the herd, and at the same time he started to become extremely difficult to catch. As soon as I, or any other human would approach, he galloped away at full speed.

It was becoming hopeless.

Then by sheer luck, I was searching the web I came across your site and immediately bought your course. Everything went as you described. People were telling me I was crazy trying to catch my horse this way and that it would never work.

On the first day after about 45 minutes my horse Hidalgo started circling me and then made the circles smaller and smaller. Until suddenly he stopped, looked at me for a couple of seconds, lowered his head started to munch and came towards me and I was able to put his halter on. The second day after Hidalgo tried to run and hide between parts of the herd he came to me after about 25 minutes.

Since then, about six weeks ago, as soon as he realises that I am there he comes to me. Even my 2 young daughters and husband have no trouble to get him out of the field. They each took turn in doing the join up after I had succeeded and it took them only a couple of minutes to get this amazing result!

Hidalgo is a very gentle and obedient horse, but I still have trouble getting on him without someone standing in front of him. It has gotten much better since I have had him. He used to get tense and started to breathe very heavily and somebody had to really hold him. Once you were mounted he would bolt off at full speed and only after a couple of minutes he would calm down. Now I can mount him if somebody is standing in front of him.

The problem I still have is, when I want to mount him unaided it is impossible to do. As soon as I remove his halter and want to mount him he moves off. I cannot even get my first foot into the stirrup.

And I have to ask for help again.

For the rest Hidalgo is the best horse I have ridden. He has the nicest character and I absolutely love him. I do not know what his past history exactly is. I only know the first owner had used him for dressage competitions and sold him because Hidalgo was not good enough, he always ended up somewhere in the middle of the ranking. A riding school then bought him and sold him to us, because he was too wild.

Can you help me with this problem?

Kind regards

Doreen Sparks


Hi Hazel

Thanks you ever so much for all your help.

Because of you I have been able to turn a good horse into a fantastic horse, in just a couple of days and with minimal effort.

Following your tips made it all so easy. In less than a week I can mount Hidalgo, whilst he is standing perfectly still and once I am mounted he keeps standing completely relaxed.

He used to get very tense the moment you wanted to mount him, and even before you were seated he would run of in full gallop, and it took several minutes to calm him down, and only then could you start riding him in a relaxed manner.

Even my 2 daughters 12 & 10 years old can mount him without somebody having to hold him.

My oldest wants to take him to a horse riding camp and that not being to mount him unaided made it impossible. Now she is ecstatic that she will be able to take Hidalgo.

On Sunday I even went to a St Hubertus blessing. There were over 120 horses and Hidalgo was standing quite and relaxed in the long waiting line.

This was an absolute success! A couple of weeks ago I would not have dared do this, because having to make him stand still was making him so nervous.

Please feel free to use my e-mails on your site. If it can help other people with a horse related problem I will be pleased.

You are truly a horse lover and a very kind person.

Thanks to you our problem was just so easy to solve.

I have added a  photo: me on Hidalgo during early summer. Thanks again for all your help,

Doreen Sparks, Belgium, Europe


Hi Hazel,

I just have to write to tell you what a fantastic way you have with horses (and ponies)! I must admit I got your books through desperation having tried everything, and I mean everything!

Got an assorted herd in our field, five horses and one pony. And guess who is the problem? Yeah the pony, right. She will not be caught. We tried every trick in every book (before yours) and she just would not come in. Food, bringing in the rest of the herd, leaving her out at night, lunge lines, boxing her in. We were just giving up. Then came the magic - oh yes. We put into practise what you say in your book Catch Your horse. Hahaha, it worked a treat.

I wish, I wish I could describe the look on that pony's face when we did what you said. She stopped, she looked at us, and we could almost see the thoughts going through her head. Whoever said horses and ponies were dumb animals??? She looked at us and just gave in. Just like someone else said on your site, she might have read the book! Thanks, thanks, thanks can't thank you enough.

Oh and yes one of the other mares is really nervous character. Well, I say is, but she was, she wouldn't go past anything, wouldn't go near anything, wouldn't go out the gate on a hack, it was a nightmare. We were wishing we had not bought her. But we did the 'bonding - pecking order' exercises and it is as if we have a new horse. We had no idea it was all about herd stuff, being her head of herd. She just didn't know who to trust. Now she goes everywhere. We can see the smile on her face.

So please, yes, do put this down on your site, cos everyone should get these books and put into practice what Hazel tells you. And thanks also for the emails back and forth.

I really don't know what we would have done without you! Oh I could go on and on, about the closeness we now have with our herd!

Take care and if ever you want to visit Scotland, remember us! You'd be more than welcome.

Ian Drew, Aberdeenshire.

Hi Hazel!

I bought this course because it looked interesting, even though at first I thought it would be just another training course!

How wrong could I be?

This is not just a training course, this is one of the most amazing courses on the market. It made me look at myself and my horse in a totally different way. It made me aware of what I was doing and how my horse was reacting to me. I cannot begin to tell you how it changed my way of thinking, my way of relating to my horse, and of course the way my horse now relates to me.

Wow, I have a whole new relationship with him, one built on trust from both of us.

Buy it, read it, learn from it and love your horse. Thanks so much Hazel!

K. Brown formerly of UK now of Minnesota

Dear Hazel,

I'm Joyce Debono from Malta. I bought and read your course in two days ago and it is Train your horse the natural way, natural horsemanshipvery, very interesting. I bought two Friesian horses, the first of their kind on Malta. They are a stallion and a mare. The stallion is very jealous and he wants me only for himself (typical man)! I wanted to know them more and feel what they feel.

So I started following the course and doing the exercises with my horses - and it really works!

I am very happy now. Thanks very much for all your help!

Joyce Debono, Malta

Hi Hazel,

What a course! I thought I knew about horses and ponies having run a ranch of my own with several quarter horses and pure bred arabs. So, yes, I was sceptical, but the course looked interesting and I like to read about new ideas!

From page one I was hooked. Why had I not seen all this before? Just shows you how we as humans are completely programmed into being predators, without even knowing it.

So I tried the exercises - stunning, exciting, amazing. My horses now react so differently to me. Not that they were bad or unmanageable, but the relationship is now one of the herd. I am no longer a predator on their back. I am one of them, and I go further, I am their head of herd. They look to me for security and that makes a whole lot of difference, especially out on the track.

And thanks for all your emails - I feel I now have a friend in the UK!

May your horses always be good ones!

S. Kelly, Ontario, Canada

Hello again Hazel,

We have just been talking to our friends about your books. We both enjoyed your course and the books tremendously! I love your writing style; you ©novapublicationsbring your readers right into your experiences. The knowledge you bring with your course and books has certainly added to our own knowledge and put some new twists on our own experiences.

Write as you have the time and thanks again for everything!

Joseph and Barbara Kostelnik - Cinnicinnati, Ohio


More Recommendations below

Talk Horse! ©novapublications

With this course you will get access to all my years experience with horses and ponies, plus all my knowledge gained from those years of being taught the natural methods of horsemanship.

Packed full of colour photographs and diagrams you can begin to change your world instantly - this is a downloadable product direct to your computer in seconds.

You will have a complete course that will change the relationship between you and your horse forever!

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You can kick-start your training and practice

We all need help and support at times, just knowing that there is someone there to guide you will give you the confidence to take this information and put it into practice.

  • You will teach your horse to follow you around without the use of a leadrope

  • You will be able to lead him to the field without him rushing, barging, or racing off.

  • You will join up/bond with your horse so that his total attention is on you, he will respect you as his head of herd.

  • You will train him to respect the whip without fear.

  • You will gain his trust and have him respond to you without giving him any pain.

  • You will understand why and how your horse has to keep testing you, to know why he has to know you are still his head of herd.

  • You will learn about and recognise his body language signals so that you can keep training him to trust and respect you.

  • You be able to train your horse to respond to you with a look from your eye, a motion of your hand or a movement from your body!

  • You will learn when to 'listen' to your horse and how.


Bonus One - worth £15.97


Learn all about the Join up/Bond techique with your horse or pony.

Bonding with your horse!©novapublicationsThis amazing method will have your horse following you around without even a lead rope.

The relationship between you and your horse will transform from one of human and horse, two seperate entities, to that of human and horse as one!

"I never ever understood just how close my relationship can be with my horse. It is the closest most amazing relationship in my life!"

This ebook shows you, with clear explanations and full colour photographs, exactly how to join up/bond with your horse or pony.

More Recommendations

Hi Hazel,

Since reading your books my relationship with my horse 'Johnny' has improved tenVikki's horse Johnny!©novapublications fold - not only has it given me the confidence to deal with my horse in the manner he deserves, it has made my relationship with him just amazing!

Your books are written in such a way that is easy to read and follow and "at last" there's someone out there who understands that horrid little voice that runs through your head telling you that you're not doing it right!

Hazel - you have now given me and my horse the most amazing relationship whereby we work as a team/family and not as individuals - and the amount of times I have been able to email you and ask questions has just been fantastic. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to be able to talk to someone who has as much passion as I do - and who doesn't think of me as being strange when I tell them about bonding with my horse.

I could go on and on about how wonderful you, your books and your advice are but I think you would run out of space on your website - so just a huge thank you from me and my horse Johnny!

Thank you ever so much,

Vikki Hodge - Swindon, United Kingdom

The Story of Rain!

Greetings Hazel,

I've read the material you sent me and promptly started using some of the techniques with my two year old who has become quite pushy! The change is amazing! She's like a different horse! I realize that she will be 'testing' me for some time to come because of her age but at least now I have the resources to alter her behaviour towards me.

My question is the following regarding a bad habit she has just developed. When she is having her feet cleaned by myself and also when the farrier comes, we get three feet done completely but the fourth foot it is as if she gets bored and wants nothing more to do with the procedure and she goes down on one of her front knees to 'get away' from us. I know this is her trying to dominate us but it is very frustrating because I know she is going to do it, we just don't know how to stop her. She is not shod, just trimmed but she does this even when I just clean her feet out.

Any suggestions to alter this bad habit?

Monique Labossiere

Some days later.............

Greetings Hazel,

Your advice was marvellous. Rain is like a new horse! She now automatically lifts her feet just as I touch them and the task of cleaning is no longer a chore nor a danger to me or her knees. Thank you for the detailed instructions. I followed them to the letter and it took only two days for her to understand what I wanted her to do. She is gentle and willing now and I will continue to work with her and get her to do this in all areas not just her 'safe zone'!

I am wondering if you have any advice on how I can get her to accept fly spray? Just as I get her to accept getting her feet cleaned she gives me a hard time about something else! I know she is only two but I am amazed at times what sets her off! I can spray her a bit with a bottle of water near her hips and she does not seem to mind the 'pssst' sound. Whenever I change to fly spray however she gives me MAJOR attitude. She swings her head around and then tries to give me her hip. I have tried spraying it on me to get her used to the smell and she does not care if I spray myself just absolutely refuses to have herself sprayed. I honestly think she is just indignant that I would DARE spray her with something that she does not want me to. I have tried wiping it on her and can get some on her shoulders but nowhere else. Any suggestions please?



Some days later...........

Hi Hazel

I've just started trying your advice concerning Rain and the fly spray. You were right that this may be a long process and require lots of patience. Some days however are better than others but I am determined that she will learn to accept that I am not going to hurt her and that I refuse to tolerate the 'bad attitude' from her. In all other ways she is coming along very well and has softened up considerably.


A few days later.......

Greetings Hazel

I just wanted to happily tell you that Rain and I have had a major breakthrough. She allows me now to spray her anywhere on her body with any type of spray. This is huge for Rain and such a tremendous leap of faith for her. Her confidence in me has soared as a result of the techniques that you have suggested I try with her.

You would not believe what a hard thing this was for her to accept and I am so proud of her and can't thank you enough for your guidance. She also now lowers her head on command, allows me to cross-tie her and picking up her feet and cleaning them is a breeze, no more going down on her knees.

You can't imagine how much your help has meant to me, I thank my lucky stars for having come across your website when I did. I was despairing of ever getting connected to Rain and now I don't have to worry anymore.

I still have lots of work to do but I am so much more confident as Rain and I seem to have come to a place where we understand one another. She is such a joy to be with and I love her very that she seems to like me back.

I'll keep in touch and just wanted to say a great big thank you!

Monique Labossiere, Ramsayville, Ontaria, Canada

All data Copyright©2006 Nova Publications

Bonus Two - worth £12.97

'HOW TO CATCH YOUR HORSE OR PONY IN THE FIELD!Training your pony!©novapublications


A completely original technique of catching any horse or pony in the field! Never ever put up with your horse or pony being awkward in the field. Use this technique and not only will you be able to catch your horse or pony, it will drastically improve and stop any awkwardness about being caught again!

This unique method has been tried and tested many times. Your horse or pony just gives up and submits - and he is easier to catch in the future.


More Recommendations

Hi Hazel,

You are the berries! Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. Loved the ebooks! Never heard of the catching method you propose. How logical!

The bonding book was very interesting too, providing a twist of adding affection.

Again I so much appreciate your 'real life' understanding of 'bold/pushy' horses. This is so often neglected in some of the 'natural horsemen methods'.

Keep up the good work!

Kind regards

Joe Kostelnik - Cinncinnati - USA

Hi Hazel

I just want to say that I enjoyed your book how to catch your horse in a field. 

I have been having trouble with my 2 Arabs, then I used the techniques in your book.

One of them gave in after just 10 minutes and is a very different guy now; although the mare took 45 minutes to come to me. 

It really is much easier now with both of them, even though the mare still tries but as soon as I use your technique she gives in.

Best regards

Tina Marie Ronald, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

A Tale of Two Ponies!

Dear Hazel

I was excited to see your program offered and instantly available as a download! I was hoping it would give me more insight with a problem pony, so I sent for it, and was rewarded with wonderful reading for the evening. A good part of your instruction confirmed some of my current actions and beliefs, but I am still very conflicted about my best approach.

5 days ago a 12.2 pony (13 years old) arrived here, after I had ridden him bareback and tacked up, and was pleased with what I thought I found. I did notice that he did not seem to be a "warm fuzzy" type as my mare is, but chalked that up to his being unfamiliar with me. Sadly, I neglected to ask how he was about being caught in the field, but he was previously a lesson pony, so I assumed he was "catchable". WRONG!!

After being in my small paddock for a while, I attempted to catch him to take him to the barn. He circled round and round for almost 2 hours, and we finally got him facing in the corner of the fence, with a lunge whip resting on his rump to prevent backing up. We got the halter on, and walked to the barn. He flinched at my touch, but showed no aggression, his ears twitched to listen to my voice, he was not sweating or flaring nostrils. Once in the box stall, he will NOT allow me to come near. I have talked to him, held treats for 2 hours at a time. He shows all the signs of submission, lowering head, smacking/licking lips, his eyes half closed as I am murmuring to him, his ears relax, then flick towards me when I talk. His eyes look soft and relaxed, and he can stand with hind foot raised and relaxed.

He will take treats from my hand, but only after touching my hand and the treat lightly many times, then retreating before finally taking the treat. Sometimes he will lower his head to eat while I am in the stall, other times he will not eat til I leave. He watches me with curiosity and tentatively steps towards me, looking like he would like to give in and be touched. He gives long sighs as if weary of being on guard. I did have to remove him from the stall to clean it, he is terrified of a shovel and I was torn between blowing all the trust I may have established, or just being top dog and getting hold of him. I had to get his head towards the corner of the stall, and approaching slowly, put my hand on his rump to keep him in place while grabbing the halter. He did not try to kick, in fact, he almost sat on my foot but he was very scared.

Once out, he lunged nicely, but was very wary on my "walking" up the lunge line towards him, and very tense about being touched. Even after rubbing his neck, shoulders, rump, ears for a couple of hours, when he was munching grass at my feet and I touched his shoulder, he jumped sky high.

While you do address the bonding, your writing seems to assume that the horse will ALLOW someone close enough to be touched. My conflict is this, do I force the issue, becoming the dominant figure, and grabbing him in order to make physical contact? He has obviously been handled, since he stands for grooming and tacking, rides nicely but is clearly not enjoying the physical contact. He does not turn his head, or make ugly faces, does not try to kick, he is not sweating and twitching as if the mere touch of a hand causes pain but the initial contact with my hand makes him flinch/startle badly. I did consider the predator/prey issue, and did not want to chase him in the stall, and grab, but how else can I get hold of him to move or exercise him? I have not had a horse that is not a pet. This little fella has me stumped, and at 13 yrs of age, his fears are pretty well established.

 Thank you for your time and attention to my problem....your help and insight would be most welcome and eagerly followed!

Donna Unger. Pennsylvania, USA


Greetings Hazel

Grateful thanks for the very speedy response to my initial questions about my pony. You were extremely helpful and very encouraging, and I appreciate the help. I have been patiently putting into practice your suggestions and seeing success!!

Another issue has come up with the second pony we acquired at the same time as my pony. She is a generally well-mannered out-grown family pony but has a problem with taking the bit and being bridled, to the point of rearing. She has a rubber snaffle, seems to fit well. Any pressure over the top of her head, say, to put my arm over her neck behind the ears to pull the bridle up, is met with head flinging, then small rearing action. We unbuckle the entire bridle, to put on without pulling up over her face, with the same results. Just holding the bit to her mouth causes the same reaction. She eats treats from the hand, likes being stroked around the mouth, not sure how to get around this. How do we keep her feet on the ground?

Thanks again,

Donna Unger



Once again I thank you for your very speedy response. The pony in question is my daughter's, and after reading your books and correspondence with me, she is horrified to think that we unknowingly caused pain or fear with bridling. Plus, it is frustrating not being able to ride, and scarey to have the pony rear at her! I honestly cannot think that we have handled her roughly, and she was fine for tacking up two times, the third being the difficult time. But, we will follow your advice, and see what happens.

As far as my little fella goes, he is coming around nicely. Still not running to shower me with kisses, but is looking out the stall door at my arrival and nickering. He continues to tack nicely. He is not loving being touched, but doesn't shy away as he used to. When approaching him in the box, we seem to have come to an agreement, he backs around til he gets to his favourite spot. I can hold the halter though he doesn't stand of his own accord to be "loved up" and I still have to have a hand on the halter, but he is not straining, and will take treats from my hand. So, I see progress, and am pleased!

Again I am so grateful for your expertise and timely responses.

Many thanks,



Greetings Hazel!!

No picking your brain for info this time, just letting you know how wonderfully things are going here!

My pony gelding (Pippin) is slowly turning into a snuggler! He will now stand willingly to be stroked, without my holding onto the halter, and in fact, the past two days, without the halter even on!

I have been able to run my hand under his jaw, cupping his jaw on the opposite side of his head, and hold his head for forehead/eye rubbing, and down the muzzle to his nostrils. He will let me lightly stroke the sides of his mouth, but is still reluctant to have his muzzle cupped in your hand and he was previously shy about having my face/ voice too close. If I bent forward to talk to him while rubbing his neck, he would back away but now while lightly holding his jaw and petting his face, we were pretty much eye-to-eye, and he remained very calm even dozy.

But the very best thing is this - when I stop petting him and move away, across the stall (12 ft), and just stand, he immediately follows me, and begins nuzzling my hands, arms, snuffing up my pants leg, and if I stay long enough, he gently takes the tips of my fingers in his lips, no teeth, for just a moment!

Granted, if I move at all he takes a step back, out of reach, but if I extend my hand, he will come close enough for me to brush his nostrils with my fingertips, instead of being passive and waiting for his touch on my hand.

I think we had made tremendous progress! I got the bridle and bit on without any trouble, without even having the halter on to use as an "anchor". He was a bit fidgety with the saddle, but did ok, and took a few turns around the yard /ring before it got too dark. He continues to longe more calmly every time out, dropping his head, and having a much more relaxed/controlled trot. Previously, he would break into fast canter and try to take off for the gate area while circling. So I see a big improvement in all aspects.

Haven't tried letting him loose in the big pasture just yet, and we are working on the catching technique. I am anxious to see how quickly he will respond to your technique in that venue as well!

As I am NOT a trainer, I just needed to know how to combine everything, and it is very helpful to be able to confirm what I am doing with you, the authority!

So, that about wraps it up for now.....oh, you had mentioned about using parts of my letters on your website....feel free to post whatever you wish.

Again, thank you for your continued support and words of wisdom. I am SO very pleased with all you have presented.

Take care



Hello Hazel

My little guy is doing extremely well!

The ‘catching in the field instructions' were actually laughable, because it was almost as if he had read your directives! EVERYTHING happened exactly as you described, in a matter of 30 minutes.

I do have a problem with the pony mare. She is fine and pleasant most of the time, we can work her in the ring without a longe line. However, she will face myself or my daughter and rear and strike out, what used to be called bratty behavior, without provocation. We are not touching her with the whip, as she is about 30 feet away. She will circle, either direction, maybe 5 or 6 times, then stop, turn and look directly at us, and if asked to move on, will rear, and has struck out sideways with her inside front foot when circling. Now, when I was riding as a teen, the mindset was to give the horse an "attitude adjustment", and a hard crack with the whip would have been the lesson, but that seems counter productive to your teachings. At this point, she can bully us and she knows it. What is our best plan of action her?

I have to say, I re-read your books at least twice a week, to verify everything, and make sure I am not leaving any steps out........also, it is fun to read them and mentally keep saying, "yup, yup, that is exactly how it all works".

My gelding that was too shy to let me touch him in the stall now stands grazing, unfazed by the fact that I am hanging over his back, touching his "off" side, rubbing both hands all over him as far as I can reach. He is still jumpy about quick movements, especially towards his head, but wow, what a change!

As usual, looking forward to your words of wisdom to help us enjoy our ponies even more!

Best regards,



Greetings Hazel 

Hindsight is always 20/20, but we sure do wish we had the foresight to make "before" and "after" videos.

Between schedules and weather, tonight was the first time my daughter Marnie tried the mare by herself in the ring. As previously, as soon as the whip was in hand, not even used, she began circling very obediently. After a dozen or so rounds, Marnie turned the mare around, and sent her out the opposite direction, same result.

However, the third time the mare was sent out, she figured it was enough, and reared, coming into the circle a bit. Marnie followed your instructions to the letter and the mare, looking like a surprised but chastised puppy, resumed trotting, in the correct direction. Same thing going the opposite direction, and once reprimanded, was fine, and came to my daughter when asked.

I am open-mouthed and laughing on the sidelines, because it is soooo unbelievable, as if staged or scripted. I told her to try walking all over the yard haphazardly, to see if the pony would follow...and she did!!...every zig-zag was followed step for step. This pony was formerly used in pony club, but not ridden in recent years, she has a good solid base of training but I do know that she could easily have turned into a terrible brat, even a danger, without your guidance. Now, she can begin to be enjoyed as a pet, as well as a means for riding.

My little guy now comes right up to me in the pasture, and in the stall I can hold his halter for him, and he puts his head into it, not joyfully, more like resigned to the fact that he has to wear it to go out, but he is not cowering in the corner as before. He may never be a perfect push-button pony, but after seeing how scared he was of people, I couldn't bear to let him go anywhere and always be afraid. He has my heart, and I will worm my way into his - and thanks to your expertise, I am well on the way!

Enough for tonight.......hope all is well with you, and as usual, many thanks for the help!


Trappe, Pennsylvania, USA



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